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The Control and weather station CRM1 (part n° 40769J) is supplied at 230 Vac, and if is able to drive up to 3 actuators at 24 Vcd, with two wires circuitry and a polarity inversion operation, delivering a maximum current of 3A.
The CRM1 is able to driveacfuators supplied at 230 Vac: three group of actuators with a maximum absorption up to 5A.
Using the push button KP1 (part n° 40770K) is possible to selects and drive separately the three actuators or groups af actuators, or bringing into action contemporary the three lines.
On the KP1 there is a infra-red receiver that allows the use of the RC1 remote control (part n° 40771L) having the same functions as the KP1. The remote control can be placed in the proper wall support (part n° 40772M).
Moreover it's possible to operate manually all the actuators contemporary, connecting to the CRM1 a standard double pushbutton with return spring.
The CRM1 is arranged for the connection of three sensors that control the weather events: thermostat TH1, rain sensor RSI, and wind sensor WS1.
The rain and wind sensors control the actuators closing in case of a rain or wind alarm condition, which is visible on the CRM1 frontal through a red Led; it is possible to deactivated these sensors thanks to an on/off selector also placed on the CRM1 frontal.

Rain detector RS1 (cod. 40450K)
In case of rain it sends the signal for window automatic closing. Particularly suitable for roof windows and tilted top hinged windows. A heating element prevent the ice and dew formation on the surface.

Wind detector WS1 (cod. 37185V)
It emits a signal according to the wind intensity.

Thermostat TH1 (cod. 40675K)
Particularly suitable for sunrooms and mansards. Built-in on/off switch.